Coach Certification

Overview of PAAC Certification Requirements

The Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) sets the global and gold standard for credentialing in ADHD Coaching.

There are 3 levels of PAAC certification available, with minimum requirements differing from level to level:

  • Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) – Trained in fundamentals; basic proficiency demonstrated.
  • Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC) – Trained in advanced skills; intermediate proficiency demonstrated.
  • Master Certified ADHD Coach (MCAC) – Extensively trained; masterful proficiency demonstrated.

A competent ADHD Coach at any level must have skill sets, or core coaching competencies that come from a combination of ADHD training, training in ICF and/or PAAC core coaching competencies, adherence to PAAC Ethics, and demonstrated ADHD coaching experience.

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PAAC Certification - Levels & Requirements for PAAC AACTP CC, ICF CC, & Portfolio Candidates

ADHD Education:

  1. Formal programs designed to educate or train the coach on ADHD. Programs that look at the impact of ADHD, review ADHD situations or scenarios or the review of new science/understanding or approaches to ADHD. This includes but is not limited to ADHD classes, a seminar at a CHADD conference or lecture at an ACO conference,
  2. An ADHD education would include ADHD coach training with the required hours spent on understanding ADHD, not just coach training.

Coach-Specific Training Hours are:

  1. Direct interaction with a trainer/presenter (voice-to-voice or in-person training). Training cannot be via cyber courses (correspondence courses delivered via the internet), mail-in courses, or self-study – for initial certification; these are accepted only for PAAC recertification.
  2. Training from an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) – a program that has received the ICF approved Coach-Specific
  3. Training Hours designation, or training that specifically teaches coaching skills in accordance with ICF core coaching competencies.
  4. Training hours that are part of a program with the purpose of training coaches and/or specifically ADHD coaches and developing their skills. For initial certification, hours from a coach conference, special interest group, virtual education, or coach chapter event are not accepted; these are accepted only for PAAC recertification.
  5. Training in the ICF and/or PAAC coaching competencies (All competencies must be covered).

Training that is not accepted as coach-specific training is:

  1. Training that is marketed as teaching other skills (other than coaching skills and competencies), even though the skills can be used by a coach in some manner.
  2. Personal development courses such as Forum, Landmark, Lifespring, Science of Mind, etc.
  3. Education in areas such as psychology, counseling, NLP, EFT, energy techniques, etc., unless the training is specifically taught as coach training and is from an ICF and/or PAAC competencies perspective.

Mentoring by an ADHD Mentor Coach:

  1. Defined

    • For purposes of PAAC credentialing:
    • A Mentor or Mentor Coach for PAAC CACP level of certification is a PAAC PCAC or MCAC credentialed coach; or an ICF PCC or MCC credentialed coach with documented experience coaching ADHD-Impacted clients and who feels qualified to assist coaches in developing their ADHD coaching competencies and skill set in order to acquire their PAAC certification.
    • A Mentor or Mentor Coach for PAAC PCAC and MCAC levels of certification is a PAAC MCAC credentialed coach, or an ICF MCC credentialed coach with documented experience coaching ADHD-Impacted clients and who feels qualified to assist coaches in developing their ADHD coaching competencies and skill set in order to acquire their PAAC certification.
    • Ideally, Mentor Coaches will be or have been certification assessors and/or trainers of ADHD coaching skills based on the PAAC coaching competencies.
  2. ADHD Coach Mentoring Hours

    • For purposes of PAAC credentialing, a mentor coaching hour means that an applicant was coached by a Mentor Coach on their coaching competencies and skills rather than on practice building, personal growth, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s ADHD coaching competencies and skills. Mentor coaching is where the Mentee is actively coaching with immediate feedback, being coached, or critiquing in each mentoring session; it is not skill training in a passive class setting. The mentor coaching requirement is intended to help applicants prepare for their PAAC certification examination process.
    • A qualified Mentor Coach may offer ADHD Group Mentor Coaching which means the group members are each actively coaching ADHD-impacted clients, receiving immediate Mentor feedback on their coaching, being coached, or critiquing fellow mentees coaching in each mentoring session. The group being mentored may not consist of more than 8 participants. No more than 70% of the required mentoring hours can come from group coaching. That means that group coaching can be no more than 7 of 10 hours or 14 of 20 hours. The remaining mentor coaching hours must be individual mentor coaching.